The project “proHealth” focuses on health education and information and strengthens responsibility for personal efforts to achieve health, balance and well being with a holistic approach. The project wants to motivate to own responsibility for self well-being and is promoting health and preventing diseases. The specific aim of the project is improvement of the accessibility and attractiveness of learning and information opportunities for adults in order to enforce awareness in health issues and help them to gain knowledge and competence in order to preserve their own health. Prohealth is Interdisciplinary (pharmacy, agriculture, medicine, pedagogic, medicine history) and combines health and lifelong learning by captivating through interesting approach (culture, history, herbs/plants). Project contributes to European Unification and dialog of cultures as well. Aim is to develop a course with 5 modules for a broad target group. Main activities are developing and running the course, valorization and mainstreaming of the project. Outputs are the course with 5 modules, guidebook, databank, intranet and a public website and dissemination materials.

• to develop sensitive lifestyle, own responsibility for health prevention and to create an international network in order to sensitise the public
• to inform about basics in health prevention, risk factors and interaction between health and lifestyle, habits, nutrition etc.
• to explain and discuss the foundation of traditional medicine incl. cultural backgrounds and its complementary to modern medicine, to identify what makes herbs work, to create and use herbal remedies for optimal health
• to create a platform between the modern medicine, pharmacy, traditional medicine, agriculture, agro tourism and lifelong learning in partner countries; developing this way a synergetic effect
• to understand different cultural habits and history in a unifying EU and to save cultural heritage