25.09.08- final meeting and dissemination workshop
The last partner meeting took place in Athens (Greece) 22.09 to 24.09.2008.
During the meeting a final evaluation and the preparation of the final report were the topics. Moreover a dissemination workshop for the interested public was held and a live transmission of the presentation of the project in the Greek TV channel “Tilefos”was made.


29.06.08 - partner´s meeting and excursion in Turkey
The last partner´s meeting took place in Antalya from 6th until 12th of June 2008.
The evaluation of the pilot and the definition of the next workpackages have been topics of the meeting. Furthermore a herbal excursion was organised.


19.12.07- partner meeting
The last partner meeting took place in Nitra (Slovakia) 06.12 to 08.12.2007.
The main aim of this meeting was to recive feedback from first test
phase of our 5 modules (training of the trainer) in order to modify the modules
for the second test phase with public.

News 14.08.07:
The next partner meeting will be in Nitra (Slovakia) 5th to 12th of December 2007.

NEWS: 16.07.07
The Identification of Needs for Training in Phytotherapy in Bulgaria is published. (download [92 KB] )

International Workshop in Varna:
The workshop with external guests toke place in Varna (Bulgaria) 11th and 12 th of May 2007.


Kick Off Meeting 15. - 16.12. 2006 in Berlin:

Information about the project [292 KB] (Hümeyra Baykan, EBG)