Health Care Association is a non-government organization among experts from the healthcare and social services sector in Bulgaria, working on wide social basis. The Association is founded on 10th January 2001 and since then more than 50 healthcare experts have worked and contributed to achieving organization`s goals.

Mission of Health Care Association
Improvement of the healthcare and social services through training and education of the professionals working in the same field. In achieving this, the Association has created and is supporting close connections with all Bulgarian medical Universities and colleges, social institutions, hospitals, the National Health Insurance Fund, the regional healthcare centres and many other organizations within the sector.

To organize and implement seminars, courses and trainings of medical experts of different qualifications within the country and abroad;

To cooperate in improving the qualifications of its members and other experts working within the healthcare sector or lecturers in the same field;

To collect and provide information on the administrative novelties in the healthcare sector and social cares;

To initiate and partner national and transnational project and program implementation, associated with the elaboration of training practices targeted to delivering healthcare and social services at all levels;

To implement researches in the services quality within the healthcare and facilitate the exchange and transfer of good practices;

To consult and assist the mastering of new technologies in the administration of healthcare services and their conformity alignment in with the practices of the European Union.

The Health Care Association is also maintaining close contacts with its partners from UK, Ireland, Poland, Austria, Germany and Italy. Thanks to its experienced team, the broad partner network in Bulgaria and abroad and the combination of specific competences and expertise, HCA is consistent in the realization of a vast circle of projects on immediate themes, associated to our upcoming accession to the European Union and the pressing requirements set before the formal training in the healthcare sector.