Berlin Society of Turkish Health Professionals:
BGTM is a association with 100 members, physicians and people from medical professions. With about 80 physicians, we have a patient-pool of approximately 80.000 people.
Among them 70% are Turkish and Muslim people (Arabic, Balkan-countries, Pakistan) but Russian, German, Chinese, and Vietnamese as well. Awareness-raising activities in health prevention and development of information, guidance and counselling services for immigrants and a broadcasting programm are some of our major activity-fileds.
BGTM maintain an one hour TV broadcasting weekly with a medical information-service and then the possibility to ask questions from audients. In Berlin the average of viewer ship is about 25.000 people , but due to satellite braodcasting it may bo more.
Further BGTM organises continuing medical seminars for their members, information-days for public (last year 350 attendants) and an annual medical conference, the german-Turkish Medical Congress in Berlin.
Some projects for public were AIDS-consultation, constitution of a diabetic self aid group, gymnastic for women, and assisted the Berlin Alliance against Depression. We are interested in proHealth to promote health prevention among our target group. We will collaborate by developing and running seminars, involving the target group, disseminate and mainstream project output.

Turkish Union in Berlin - Brandenburg