89 M. Voda, 104 40 Athens, Greece,
Tel. 0030 210 82 53 933, Fax: 0030 210 82 53 783, E-mail:

DIAN is a private organization which operates in Athens since 1987.
Its activities aim at providing services in the following sectorsPublicationsConsultingSpecial Interest Education and seminars.It has a permanent and part time staff of 18 persons.

It has taken part in numerous community projects undertaking The publication of the printed matter and the training material, in different languages. The dissemination strategy of the project during the implementation period.The dissemination of the results and the products of the project, after the completion of the project.
The most recent projects, DIAN is participating are:

1 Leonardo da Vinci
“English for Training and Mobility”

Agreement: no 2003–SK/03/B/F/LA-177006.

2 Leonardo da Vinci
“E-Chance for Women”

Agreement CZ/02/B/F/PP/134004

3 Socrates

Agreement: no 88277-CP-1-2000-1-CZ-Grundtving-ADU

4 Socrates

Agreement:no 2005 225755-CP-1-2005-TR-Grundtvig-G1

5 Leonardo da Vinci
“Mare Nostrum”

Agreement: no 2005 –ES/057B7F/PP-149363

6 Youth Programme

“Natural Environment and Humans”

Agreement: no 1.2/R3/2006/1

7 Socrates

Agreement: no 2006-2578/001-001

8 Socrates

Agreement: no 2006-2542/001-001/SO2-31PRO

DIAN is in collaboration with a numerous Educational Institutions and Organizations of the Public or Private Sectors as:

SIOV – State Vocational Education and Training Institute – Slovak Republic
SPU – National Istitute for Education Bratislava – Slovak Republic
Entente of Birmingham –United Kingdom
Training 2000 of Mondavio -Italy
Ostravska Universita – Czech Republic
ATHENA-Association for Education and Development of Women - Czech Republic
Regionalni hospodarska Komors Ostrava- Czech Republic
DIE-Deutsches Institut fur Erwachsenenbildung-Germany
TUV Akademie Gmbh – Germany
CAFOC Auvergne – France
Delegation Regional aux droits des Femmes et a l’Egalite-France
Tulossilta Tampere – Finland
TRANSFER Slovensko - Slovakia
The British Performing Art
De kleine Academie, Belgium
Tanz Medizin Deutschland, Arts Medicine Germany,
Federation des communautes Helleniques de Belgique,
Greogorius College, Slovenia
Gesamtschule Zehlendorf,
Amu Hadar, Sweden
National Institute for the Deaf, Sweden
Τhe Hellenic Centre, London, England
Eufrese, Belgium
Orff Forum, Austria
Federation des Experts Comptables Europeens
European Investment Bank